Swingstyle  Movie-Clips

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Tap dance and improvisation

"A Bundle of Blues" (1,9MB  1:47 Min.)

"A Bundle of Blues" (1933) 
Music: "Bugle Call Rag" (Duke Ellington)
Dancer:  Florence Hill and Bessie Dudley

Learn to hit that Jive (Jitterbug)

Groovie Movie Teil 1 (1,3MB  2:09 Min.)
Groovie Movie Teil 2 (2,3MB  3:50 Min.)

"Groovie Movie" (approx. 1943/44)
Music:  "One O'Clock Jump" (Jimmy Dorsey)
Dancer:  Charles "Chuck/Gossomer" Saggau, Arthur Walch, Lenny Smith, 
Kay Smith, Bob Ashley, Jeanne Phelps Veloz, Irene Thomas

The wildest "Lindy Hop"
( ... and this 15 years before Rock 'n' Roll ! )

" Hellzaboppin' " (2,5MB  2:18 Min.)

"Hellzapoppin' " (1941)
Music: "Hellzapoppin' Jam" (Slim Gaillard)
        Whitey's Lindy Hoppers:
   William Downes and Micky Jones, Billy Ricker and Norma Miller, 
Al Minns and Willa Mae Ricker, Frankie Manning and Ann Johnson 

Black Bottom and Charleston

Black Bottom  (1,8MB  1:36 Min.)

Title: "Roxie Hart" (1942)
Music: "Black Bottom" (Bob Crosby)
Dancer: Ginger Rogers


Notice the "real Suit Zoots"! .
Jitterbug  (1,4MB   0:51 Min.)

Title: "Ghost Catchers" (1944)
Music: unbekannt
Dancer: Johnny & Venna Archer, Bob Ashley, Dean Collins (Choreographie), 
Gil Hermandez, Lennie Smith, Betty Stoy, Irene Thomas, Mike Tremini
(Zoot-Suiters: "Ole" and "Johnson")


Jive  (1,8MB  0:43 Min.)

Title: "Let's Make Music" (approx. 1939/40)
with Bob Crosby and his Orchestra
Dancer:  Dean Collins and Jewel McGowen