An article by Jill Benz
- Introducing Myself
- Celia's Hats
Introducing Myself


I'm Jill from Schaffhausen in Switzerland. It's the big band era that I'm really into - the music, the style and the fashions. I'm an amateur singer and my idols are of course those many brilliant ladies of swing from the 30's and 40's. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone - who'd be interested in hearing from me !
Celia's Hats:

Often you'll find that the one thing that's missing from a fabulous outfit is an equally fabulous hat! So for this reason I want to introduce you to my very good friend Celia, also from Switzerland but now living in my own hometown of Preston in the UK.

Celia is a professional milliner - for those of you who are not familiar with that expression - it's a hat maker. She just loves hats - especially the styles from the 30's and 40's but also makes hats for all occasions - theater, weddings and even the horse racing events such as Ascot, (of course she makes hats for men too). Under her new trading name of CJC Millinery, Celia's hats have proved a huge success at several events over the past few months. All hats are hand-made and often decorated with vintage accessories. Why not send Celia a picture or drawing of your favourite hat and have it made up for you. 
Believe me - the hats are fantastic - I don't feel fully dressed any more without one!