Internet "Swing Radio(s)"

( )The Seattle Swing- and Jazz-Radio!

Email an SebastianWe got an allusion to this "swing radio" internet address from our visitor Sebastian "Johnny" Kellner.  The transmitter seems to play consistently jazz and swing from the 20s to 50s. Therefore we show you here what has to be done to take part in the radio transmitter's program . First you need the "Winamp" mediaplayer:

Download ''Winamp'' !
(download "Winamp" here)

If you've done the installation (or already have "Winamp" installed) you can open the site . This window appears (Status):

Now you just have to click "Listen" in the navigation bar.
A file download window from your computer comes up:

By opening the file, "Winamp" starts automaticly, the stream opens and there you are live "On Air"! Unfortunately, it can happen that the server is fully occupied, since only a restricted number of  listeners (16) can be served at once. Then simply try again later. Best listening time: in the afternoon (15:00-18:00 European time) because the 'Yanks' (uhps - sorry, americans!) still work and the Stream isn't overtaxed then.

You can get informations about the currently playing song (and the played songs) under the "Song History" link in the navigation bar:

You can record the music with any wav-program or simply via cable from your sound board to your stereo music station.

Just to let you know: the quality of the sound is depending on your modem speed.
With ISDN/TDL it is quit good. With a 56K-modem you could have some breaks.

Sebastian and Swingstyle wishing you a lot of fun with the "Swing-Radio"!

And here is an other link that don't leave any wishes unfulfilled!
Sometimes over 100 US transmitter with programs about Swing, WWII, Western Swing, Jazz, Neo-Swing, and, and, and, ...

You need a special mediaplayer but the site will guide you through download and  installation. We had no problems. Only the colorful advertising-battle is a little bit irritating - but who cares if the music is great!