Swingstyle-Syndicate lapel button
- for all great and small tinkers

Like the Swing Kids carried their home-made "secret" recognition symbols at the lapels, you can also make your own "recognition sign" now!
Who knows where you still meet some "Swingstyle-Syndicators" ? 

And here is what you need:
Download this MS-Word document

 It contains variable logos and instructions.

What you need in addition is a little fate, a clear two-components resin and a logo mounting device, like the below shown examples, which we found in a tinker accessories store among some "self made" jewelry accessories.

1 = brooch needle 
2 = round metal button shell in combination with brooch needle (1) 
3 = cuff-link preform in combination with a rear mounted ear clip preform (4) 
4 = era clip preform (e.g. to clip the logo into the lapel buttonhole) 
 5+6 = cuff-link preforms