How about one more aboard?

Our group consists of a few who have already found each other and who are eager to find some more. Whadyamean - some? Many more!! We have no whatsoever claim to perfection - come as you are! We are no 'real' society with fixed rules or restricted by self-opposed codes; and we don't ask charges or constributions of any kind. All we ask for is a feedback of people interested in meeting us because we'd like to make friends with like-minded (preferable if you're living in a nearby area, or else via e-mail). Friends to exchange opinions, chat and simply come to enjoy ourselves. We also plan to set up a data base of addresses to inform about where to find vintage clothes, literature, music, etc., and another data base with addresses of experts for topics connected with the 20s, 30s and 40s who are willing to share their knowledge whith us. Another vision to kept in mind is the organizing of parties - maybe regularly - in the spirit of that era; that's what we need YOU for - so don't hesitate but contact us!

We are always pleased about a new entry in our Guestbook !

( Our ''society'' is meant to be absolutely unpolitical, e. g. we regard ourselves as politically neutral.)

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