.Our "Swingstyle-Extras" for you ...

Screen saver and wallpapers

Downloads for your PC.
(Pinups, Swing stars and many more...)

Vintage makeup guide

The "20-to-40-Style makeup guide"
for an "authentic look"

Swingstyle Movie-Clips

Spectacular dance scenes from old movies: "Learn to hit that Jive!"

German wartime recipes

Sorry, but this recipes are only in German.

Vintage Cigarette Boxes

2 pattern for download - print, cut out, fold, stick - and ready!

The golden pattern

For those who have the ability to taylor, we have some miniature patterns from 1935, 1939, 1940 and 1941. The measures are in centimetres, so you have to calculate a little bit. The instructions are in German but there are some pictures which will show how it works.

The broadcast game

The "broadcast game" extols the advantages of the German broadcast. 
Download for Playing surface and German instructions.