How about an article from you?
Some examples for possible topics:
Selfmade outfits (e.g.: tayloring, knitting, hats, etc. )
Event-reports (where -, what -, how was it?)
Tips on hairstyle and makeup
Music / Bands / Orchestras

Are there any topics you care about a lot?
Here is your chance to make a contribution!

It's not neccessary to send a perfect webpage!
It would be great to recieve an e-mail from you with your text (perhaps some fotos/pictures?).
We can convert it into a webstyle-page.
Before we publish it we'll send you a copy to see if you agree.

The presentation:
There will be a new link (if you take part), called "Articles".
All participants and their articles will be put into a list with name and e-mail-adress (if you agree).
To open the article you have to click on the respectiv line.

C'mon, don't be shy !
We (and of course other visitors) are looking forward to read your articles!